Add a filter (search box) to a table.



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    Mark Williams

    Revised code below. Now allows searches for any number of rows in a table in any order without interference with other rows. Now working on revised code which will allow the functions to apply automatically to any fields within a question set which contain specific id's. This will make maintenance a lot easier.

    If anyone has other ideas on what they would like included in this function please let me know and I'll see what I can do.




    //Global Vars

    var elementSelected_XYZ;
    var listbak;
    var listenerSearchAdd;
    var globaltb;

    var listbakarray=new Array();

    * Filters a dropdown list based on a search string pattern.
    * @param pattern: a string of zero or more characters by
    * which to filter the list
    * @param list: reference to a form object of type 'select'
    function filter(pattern, se) {

    //check for a row count
    var listindex = 0;
    var splitResult = se.split("_");
    if(splitResult.length >1) {
    listindex = parseInt(splitResult[splitResult.length-1]);

    //search by regular expression, case-insensitive, from
    //the beginning of the string
    list = $(se);
    bakPattern = pattern;
    pattern = '' + pattern;
    pattern = new RegExp(pattern,'i');

    // if the dropdown list passed in hasn't already been
    // backed up, do that now
    if (!listbakarray[listindex] ){
    // Attach an array to the select object that is a
    // backup of the original dropdown list
    var options = list.getElementsByTagName('option');
    listbakarray[listindex] = $A(options);

    if (bakPattern ==''){

    // Replace the dropdown list with the list of matches.
    var listDelArray = $A(list.getElementsByTagName('option'));

    listbakarray[listindex].each(function(node) {
    Element.insert(list, node);

    // Iterate through the backed up dropdown list and create
    // a list of matches.
    var matchOptions = listbakarray[listindex].findAll( function(node){
    return pattern.test(node.value);

    matchOptions.each(function(node) {
    Element.insert(list, node);

    //Select the first item so the new options are apparent


    function addTradeSearch(tb){
    var tr;
    var td;
    var inp;
    var sel;
    var element;
    var counter = 0;
    var addclick;

    globaltb = tb;
    document.addEventListener ('DOMNodeInserted', whatAdded, false);
    listenerSearchAdd = true;

    td = tb.getElementsByTagName('td');
    inp = tb.getElementsByTagName('input');
    tr = tb.getElementsByTagName('tr');;

    for(i = 0; i < inp.length; i++){
    inp[i].value = '';
    if(! inp[i].onclick){
    sel = inp[i].parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('select');
    sel[0].id = sel[0].id + '_' + i;

    var addclick = 'elementSelected_XYZ = "' + sel[0].id +'";';
    inp[i].setAttribute('onclick', addclick )

    addclick = 'filter(this.value,elementSelected_XYZ);';
    inp[i].setAttribute('onkeyup', addclick )


    function whatAdded() {
    var x= $(;
    if (x.getElementsByTagName) {
    var y= x.getElementsByTagName('input')
    if(y.length == 0){return;}
    if (y[0].id.indexOf("Trade_Table_TradeSearch") >-1){

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    Mark Williams

    You will also need to add this code to the function called by your listener (separate article) when 'Quote Request' is loaded:

    var tb = $$('table[id$="P1_Trade_Table_Template"]')
    if(tb.length > 0) {addTradeSearch(tb[0]);}

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