Option in scheme settings to choose whether Endorsements carry over when renewing



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    Natalie Williams

    Hi Adam

    Personally and selfishly not keen on this.  However, as it is an option I cannot complain.  What I would ask is that the option box be set to carry over the endorsements automatically so that all existing schemes do not need updating.

    many thanks

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    Daniel Beardwell

    Hi Adam,

    Rather than adding a new option to Schemeserve, could this not just be done by using the RemoveEndorsement command? If you stick this in the renewal matrix you can choose which endorsements to remove. 

    Perhaps a new command "RemoveAllEndorsements" would be more suitable? 

    What are your thoughts?

    Kind regards


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    Rob Symonds (also dev auto-updates)

    Mac, I have to agree with Mr Beardwell on this one.

    Adding the functionality to the rating engine would be far more versatile as it could be triggered conditionally, say, based on Inception or, well, anything really.

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