"Send to agents email address" be available to Agents




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    Ed Halsey


    I'm not help desk, so this is an informal 'devil's advocate' response, but presumably this would also require the addition of an agent level email address? What happens is John Smith at the brokers wants a copy to send to his broker, but it then gets sent to the generic broker address that he probably doesn't have access to? Presumably a third option would therefore also be required that can enable THAT user to email it to themselves, so the list would actually give them the option to send to the client, their main broker account or themselves as a user. 

    Would that work for what you're saying?




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    Natalie Williams

    Hi Ed

    I think you have the wrong end of the stick a bit.  Scenario example is:

    Agent A has people 1, 2 and 3 set up with logins to the system.

    Person 1 puts a case on the system.  They want to email themselves (or people 2 or 3) the docs.  When they select the documents to be emailed they should then get the list of People at Agent A on the right hand side.  So they can email themselves or the other people under their Agent setup.

    It is basically the same as Admin Users have.  If I were to select the documents on that case I would be presented with People 1, 2 and 3 under the "Send to agents email address" heading.

    I hope that makes sense? 


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    Adam Bishop

    I really like this idea a lot.  I can see there's something here we've missed which Natalie has spotted by watching how users actually work.

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    John Price

    This is now resolved, and will be included in the next build.


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    Natalie Williams


    Thank you

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    John Price

    This is now live.

    I've marked this ticket as solved, but if you think there's still a problem, then do please get in touch with our Obsessive Support team.

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