Chaining agents should allow the top level agent to see all cases



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    Mark Williams

    This feature is becoming increasingly important to us. When we first looked at schemeserve we were able to chain agent commissions but it appears that the functionality was removed when the agent screens were updated.

    Is this something that was done intentionally?

    We need to be able to add sub agents of another agent on the system and allow a commission chain.

    This is essential to scheme sharing and white labelling.

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    Adam Bishop

    Hi Mark,

    In the 2013 AMBER update to SchemeServe we modified the way Commission Chains are managed.  This was a visual (User Interface) change only.

    Commission chaining is a feature we originally added to help with reporting... by chaining commissions it's possible to have additional parties (Agents) shown on reports with a commission due to each Agent in the chain.

    It doesn't  have any effect on permissions and what Agents can see.

    The wording does refer to Authorised Representatives (ARs) but if you wanted to use this for networks or any other type of hierarchy it should work fine, assuming the requirement is for simple chaining of commissions on reports.

    We don't currently have any plans to change the way this feature works but we are looking at the possibility - in the distant future! - of scheme sharing being used for sharers with non-delegated authority, though we would probably work on that as a separate development.

    Best wishes,



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