NTU'd mid term adjustment ... how to renew record without deleting



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    Natalie Williams

    I did not realise you could not do a renewal if there were MTAs not on cover, I have just tried this an you are quite right.

    I think we may need a feature request for this.  It is nice to keep a record of any changes that have been requested on a policy even if they did not get put on cover.

    This doesn't help you now though...... perhaps download the NTU docs (and calculation page), delete the NTU, then upload the docs to the Original Risk ????

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    Adam MacDonald

    Hi Nicky, 

    I have had a look at this and it will need to be a feature request.  I will create this for you now and close this one. 

    Natalie's idea of downloading the NTU docs and then uploading to original risk is a good idea and will work well as a work around until we can get this implemented. 



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    Nicky Robinson

    Thanks for the reply and the good suggestion Natalie, this is the route we have taken ie. uploaded all the MTA docs, a screenshot of the notes and a snapshot of the matrix to the original risk record and then deleted the NTU'd MTA.  This seems the best option for now and means we still have a complete file.

    Thanks for creating a feature request Adam,

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