Chaining Agents



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    Mark Rhodes

    Hi Mark,

    This is how you can accomplish this:

    • You will need to create all the sub agents and the parent agent prior to making any changes
    • Select one of the Agents that you wish to become a sub agent and then click "Edit this Agent"
    • Within the General tab you will need to click on the "Appointed Representative" option and then select who the parent Agent will be
    • Next if you go to the "Commissions" tab, here you can select the scheme and the insurer you would like to be associated with this sub agent.


    Hope this helps and answers your question.


    Mark R

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    Mark Williams

    Hi Mark, thanks for that, it works perfectly when they are branch offices or AR's (as they are in this situation). Could I also set up the system so Networks can see everything sub-agents are doing when they are all independently authorised? I am sure I have seen this in the past.





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    Natalie Williams

    Hi Mark

    I have carried out all the steps above but the "main agent" is still not able to view the "Appointed Representative" cases that are on the system.

    Have you managed to get this to work before?  Should I raise a ticket or leave it with you for now to investigate?

    Many thanks


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    Mark Rhodes

    Hi Mark / Natalie

    Unfortunately the Agent chaining is only used for reporting and to set agents sub commissions within a scheme, this can't be used to show other agents policies.

    If you would like us to investigate this further with the possibility of implementing this into scheme serve please can you fill out a feature request form, you can even include a link to this request so that anyone looking can see the history.







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