Can I create hidden questions?


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    Adam Bishop


    Creating hidden fields in your Questions can be very useful.

    You can use them for internal note taking and underwriting purposes, or even to add fields that can be precalculated, manipulated or added together and then used in your rating and rules processing.


    Creating a 'hidden' field

    1. To create a hidden field, you first need to create a new question in the questions editor, Admin > Questions.
    2. Once your question has been created, or for any existing question, click the Edit button for that question to show the Editing window.
    3. Go to the Triggers tab.
    4. Enter a trigger to Show the question, but create a trigger condition that can never be triggered.

    I have for instance created a hidden question (which I'll be using to add two Covers together in my rating matrix) call CoverSum. I've added a trigger to it which says to show CoverSum when a Yes/No question I have elsewhere in my question set is equal to the value 'NEVER SHOW'. This will never happen and therefore the question 'CoverSum' will always be hidden.

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