Can I redirect my existing website to my Get Quote?



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    Adam Bishop


    SchemeServe comes with all the tools necessary to customise the look and feel and create any webpages you might need (see Edit your Web Pages, Logo, Theme & CSS but sometimes it might be preferable to redirect customers from your existing website to your SchemeServe Get Quote or other internal back-end pages. This article will show you exactly how to do this.


    Preferred Method: Redirection

    Step 1: Redirect your website

    You will need to ask your web developers to redirect users wishing to get New Quotes to either:
    ...for a list of schemes.

    or alternatively...
    Note to developers: Append the ID of the Scheme you would like the user to see to the end of this URL.
    You can retrieve this ID from the querystring when viewing a scheme either on the Get Quote or Admin > Schemes pages.

    Note: if you are using a custom domain name with SchemeServe, you should replace "" in the above examples with the full domain name you are using with SchemeServe.

    Step 2 (Optional): Remove unnecessary tabs from your SchemeServe homepage

    Sometimes you may wish to disable all public pages (e.g. 'About Us', 'Contact Us') on your SchemeServe website (except Get Quote, leaving all information pages back on your existing website. This is possible by using CSS to hide the unnecessary tabs. (See Edit your Web Pages, Logo, Theme & CSS for more information on how to edit your website's CSS styling.)


    Alternative Method: IFRAME or XmlHttpRequest (Not recommended)

    You might be tempted to put SchemeServe pages within an IFRAME on your existing website. We strictly recommend against this, as the user experience offered when embedding IFRAMEs into your existing website is not comparable to that of a fully fledged website. Users may experience frustration with multiple scollbars, navigation back and forward and security restrictions. Different browsers and devices also interpret and secure IFRAMEs in different ways.

    Note: If you absolutely cannot use the first method above (see "Preferred Method: Redirection") rather than an IFRAME it might be possible to use a javascript XmlHttpRequest to load the content as this is more likely to help with any scrollbar and navigation issues. This may present some difficulty however due to the requirement for SchemeServe pages to 'postback'.

    If you must use either of these methods, appending "&bare=1" to the querystring of the URLs described in our first method above (see "Preferred Method: Redirection") will result in the complete removal of the normal SchemeServe header, tabs and footer.


    Using our API

    Finally, you may prefer to send information to and from SchemeServe programmatically. To do this, ask ADM support about our API.

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    John Levett


    Is it possible to create a tag in the URL so that the policy source can be identified?

    Many thanks


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    Colin Kippin

    Hi John,

    It might be possible to do this using Google Analytics - here is a link that we have found which might resolve this for you ;



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