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    John Price

    Morning all,

    I did the update last night, and all went well with the  upgrade..

    I did find a couple of things with the functionality I don't think is quite right - They are being fixed as we speak - but thought i'd better tell you about them, as I'm not sure how much of an issue they are in the very short term.

    Firstly, if you are in a case view, and on the Endorsements tab, and you have Referrals, you can't clear them. The workaround is to change to another tab first and then you can. 

    Secondly, with the introduction of paging on the Endorsements tab, its no longer possible to drag and drop the individual Conditions and Memoranda to a different position. They will get inserted as they always did, based on the Identifier first, then the title. If you need them to be in a different order, and would have resolved that by dragging and dropping the endorsement, then please contact our Helpdesk (phone is easiest and quickest in this case) - depending on the volume we have ways in which we can help fix that while waiting for a fix.

    Sorry about these - but I thought it best to be open and upfront about them, and they ARE being resolved very shortly.

    John Price

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